Say thanks to your cleaners today, 18th October Thank you cleaner day

Date Posted:18 October 2017 

Where does the Thank Your Cleaner day come from?

In 2015 it was conducted for the first time in New Zealand by the local trade organization for Building Services Contractors (BSCNZ) in cooperation with Kärcher. Through their engagement, word about the Thank Your Cleaner Day was spread widely and the Thank Your Cleaner day was a great success.

Together with similar local partners from participating countries, the Thank Your Cleaner Day should now be established on a global level. They want to recognize the hard working cleaners around the world, who often work outside office hours and therefore out of sight.

What is the Thank Your Cleaner day?

The Thank Your Cleaner Day is a special day once a year dedicated to all cleaners. Together with local partners from the participating countries, Kärcher wants to take the opportunity to thank the people who keep workplaces and public buildings clean, safe and hygienic. On this day office workers can let their cleaning staff know they recognize and value their work.

Thus, the Thank Your Cleaner Day is a chance to say “Thank You!” for everyone working in a facility that is cleaned by professional cleaners. This could be office buildings, factories or public buildings like schools. People can thank their cleaner by leaving them a note, giving them a little gift or just saying “Thank you!”

#Thank Your Cleaner day

Cleaning is one of the most important industries in the world, yet most of the people undertaking this important work are invisible to you. Every day, tens of thousands of skilled, hardworking cleaning staff are onsite to ensure your premises are ready to go for the next business day. Cleaners work day, night and weekends to keep you’re working and living environments clean, safe and hygienic, often under the radar of normal working hours.

Thank Your Cleaner Day™ recognises the hard work cleaners do and lets them know they are valued and appreciated. This year’s Thank Your Cleaner Day™ will be held on October 18th and your business has the opportunity to get involved.

Why not join them and take this opportunity to thank the cleaners who are looking after your premises. Let them know you recognise and value their work and you are aware of their vital contribution to your business. We all like to feel valued and appreciated.

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