Burnaid - First Aid Kit Supplies

Author: Shop First Aid   Date Posted:27 November 2016 

Burnaid - First Aid Kit Supplies

Have you, a co-worker or friend ever burnt yourself and wished for instant relief. Look no further.

Shop First Aid has a 'Kitchen Module of Burnaid.' This includes: 1 x small burn module, 5 x Eye Wash Ampoules (15ml), 6 x blue finger cots and 1 x visual adhesive strips (packet 100).

Burnaid is specially formulated to cool the burn and help ease the pain. Below is a 3 step process on how to treat minor burns with Burnaid gel.

  • 1)Stop the burning process

If you are on fire; stop, drop and roll along the ground. If it is an electrical burn, turn off the power using something dry and non-conductive. If it is a chemical burn, remove the burning agent and irrigate with water.

  • 2)Run cold water

Place burn under running cold water for 20 minutes. Not 2 minutes but 20. Remove all jewellery, watches and clothing once cooling has commenced.

  • 3)Cool with Burnaid

Apply Burnaid gel liberally to the affected area, including blisters if present. Repeat every half hour if necessary

For more specific information on Burnaid visit http://www.burnaid.com.au/